All-Stars Saga FAQ Novice Guide

Time : 2017-09-19 22:22

Q: What is All-Stars Saga?

A: All-Stars Saga is a horizontal mobile RPG featuring all kinds of classic comic characters and scenes.


Q: Is Guild available in All-Stars Saga?

A: You can find Guild at the main interface, and there are other guild related functions like Guild Shop.


Q: How to upgrade fast in the early stage of All-Stars Saga?

A: It's better to gain experience by finishing the daily and main quests according to the guide. Players can claim massive vitalities every afternoon and evening for free. And you can find massive vitalities in the giftpacks as well.


Q: Is the operation of All-Stars Saga hard?

A: The operation of All-Stars Saga is easy and convenient. You just need to tap heroes’ avatars to cast skills. Players will enjoy the easy fighting experience with Combos.


Q: What are the classes in All-Stars Saga?

A: Heroes can be divided into 4 classes: Swordsman, Combatant, Mage and Esper. There’s a restriction rule among the first three classes, and each class can be upgraded to unlock specialization.


Q: How many heroes can be put into battle in All-Stars Saga?

A: 5 heroes can be put into battle.


Q: Who are the powerful heroes in All-Stars Sage?

A: Heroes can be divided into 5 ranks: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange (From low to high). All heroes can be ungraded to Orange and max star level. But each of them has different skills and attributes. So there’s no the most powerful hero, but instead there’s the most powerful player.


Q: What are the differences between heroes in All-Stars Saga? Which type of heroes is more important?

A: All-Stars Saga has rich hero types including Swordsman Saber (DPS), Swordsman Ichigo (DPS), Combatant Sakura (Damage Deflect), Combatant Iori (DPS), and other types like buff, debuff and control. Players can customize their own team as they like. (PS. Each class has different types of heroes. And personally, I don’t have preference to any type.)



Q: How to obtain heroes in All-Stars Saga?

A: Heroes can be obtained from Elite Stages, Arena Shop, Dragon’s Ruins, Guild Shop, and "Summoning".


Q: What bonus there will be after ranking up heroes in All-Stars Saga?

A: After ranking up, heroes can not only improve their basic attributes but acquire new skills and new rank bonus.


Q: What are the gear ranks in All-Stars Saga?

A: Gear can be divided into 4 ranks: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.


Q: How to boost up BP in All-Stars Saga?

A: You can boost up your BP through hero rank up, hero star up, hero level up, hero breakthrough, gear enhancement, gear imbuing and hero bond activation.


Q: Where to easily obtain Gold, EXP Elixir or skill items?

A: Players can obtain a great deal of Gold and EXP Soda by passing 2 types of stages in Ninja's Training 3 times each day. Skill points can be increased without using items. But of course, you can upgrade your skills faster by using Diamonds (Higher VIP means faster restoring of skill points.)


Q: Where to fight with other players?

A: Players who reach Lv.10 can fight with other players in Arena. More interesting PVPs like Tourney or guild fights will be available in future versions.


Q: How to defeat the bosses in Molten Core, Graveyard or Path of True Men?

A: These three instances are great challenges. Each boss has their own skills. So you need to pay attention to the combination of your hero skills and the skill casting time.


Q: How to star up new heroes?

A: Heroes can be starred up with enough shards to increase attributes.


Q: How to easily obtain high quality gear?

A: Gear can be obtained through "Summoning" at the lower right corner. Purple gear can be easily obtained through “10X summon”. Players can also buy gear from the "Mall" at the lower left corner.

All-Stars Saga

All-Stars Saga is an amazing adventure of comic characters on mobile. Dozens of classic comic stars converge on the same world and arouse your childhood passion with brand new stories. Various formation tactics and skill combos bring you the thrilling gameplay you have never experienced before. There’s nothing you cannot do in this fantastic world. The comic stars are waiting for you! Come and join us now!